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Choice Privileges®

Register for the Choice Privileges® program and earn points. You can then redeem them for free one⁠-⁠night accommodation at a hotel in the Choice Hotels network, for airline rewards, and many other benefits. Earn points at our hotels Clarion, Comfort a Quality. Every night counts!

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Corporate Program

Save while staying at CPI Hotels. When you register for the corporate program, you’ll enjoy fixed prices for the entire year, benefits during the stay itself, the chance to earn points and redeem them for vouchers, and a number of other bonuses.

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Social responsibility

We actively look for opportunities to help. Depending on the situation, we contribute human resources, material or financial assistance. Read more about our projects.

Join Pure Stay

Ecology is essential to us in light of the complexity of all CPI Hotels operations. You’ll find bulk dispensers for toiletries in the rooms, and a minimum of printed materials and conventional plastic packaging. We also encourage guests to become involved. We support recycling as well as water and power conservation. Some of our hotels have composting facilities and keep bees on their rooftops to supply your honey at breakfast. We’re constantly expanding our project to include additional hotels and ideas. We’re glad that you’re also a part of that effort, thank you!

Salvation Army

Any one of us can find ourselves in a situation that completely changes our lives. Suddenly, we don’t know who to turn to for help and how. The Salvation Army has been here for situations like these for over 150 years. It offers social services to anyone in need, whether they require psychological, social, or spiritual help.

We’re happy to cooperate with this local branch. Some of our activities include such things as helping provide food to the needy.

Women’s and children’s shelter

Children need love and stability in order to grow. They want to play and discover the world, and not deal with the problems of adults. Sometimes, however, a family can run into problems that can greatly influence the lives of little ones. Their parents love them, try to do everything they can for them, but sometimes it isn’t enough. In order to make their circumstances a little easier to handle, we invite mothers with children from the nearby shelter at Mikuláš to National Children’s Day.

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